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Wish you were Beer?

by granitewordpress
11 May 2017 · < 1 min read
Adnams beer at Tamburlaine

At Tamburlaine, we couldn’t be without Adnams beer!

Adnams is a regional brewery founded by George and Ernest Adnams in 1872 in Southwold, Suffolk.  The current chairman is Jonathan Adnams who started to work for the family firm the day after his 19th birthday. He started in the company as an engineering apprentice in November 1975. In 1986, he moved over to be the Pubs & Estates Director and then 12 years later in 1998 he became Managing Director. He remained in this role until 2006 when he succeeded as Executive Chairman and then in 2009 took on his current role as Chairman. During all this time, Jonathan has seen Adnams undergo an amazing transformation, from a locally-based brewer into a nationally-recognized brand.

The Sole Bay Brewery in Southwold was purchased in 1872 by George and Ernest Adnams. The company produces cask ale and pasteurized bottled beers. Their annual production is around 85,000 barrels.
Beer and pubs are not the only thing Adnams own, they also own and run three coastal hotels, hand-craft spirits, import wines for their Adnams stores and run an online store. They really are busy bees!

Adnams company values are focused in making great products without breaking the bank. They work with local farmers and producers who supply the brewery and hotels. They are not just UK based either. You can find Adnams in Abu Dhabi, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada (spirits only at the moment), Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland and Sweden.

So come in and join us in our beautiful marble bar at Tamburlaine and enjoy an Adnams or two!