Tamburlaine Hotel

White Company Noir

by granitewordpress
27 April 2017 · 2 min read
White Company Noir

At Tamburlaine we understand how important the toiletries are in a hotel room (especially for you ladies). Hotel chains across the world have started to change the quality of their toiletries, upgrading their shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, and soaps to top-shelf brands. So, we wanted to work with a unique brand that you don’t often see in hotels. We wanted a quality product that would reflect well on what we are looking to achieve at Tamburlaine and our guests would appreciate.
We selected White Company Noir. We had tried and tested 15 -20 other products and we couldn’t be happier with our final choice. We found their products to be the superior to everything else. Tamburlaine now supplies body lotion, shower gel, conditioning shampoo and soap bars in all of our bedrooms and our public area toilets have a Noir hand wash at every basin.

History behind the brand

Over 22 years ago now, Chrissie Rucker created a company that specialised in stylish, white homewares, combining the highest quality with affordable prices. She looked to create an easy and affordable shopping experience across every possible channel. This included numerous stores and an online shop. She wanted to make customers feel welcomed and part of the White Company family. Chrissie believes in seeking pleasure in the simplest of moments, whether that be fresh linen or a luxurious body lotion.

The White Company range was proven to be extremely popular and really took off, which is when Chrissie decided to add Noir to The White Company portfolio. The Noir scent is beautiful, sensuous and warming. It blends together rich amber and bright mandarin with musky sandalwood and oriental orchid. Elegant, alluring, luxurious. The black packaging is boutique and compelling, with a glossy finish and sleek shape, suitable for male & female guests. White Company Noir’s sumptuous, cosmopolitan scent is inspired by Parisian nightfall. Based on the streets being dark yet behind closed curtains, the occasional window glints. The perfect blend of amber entangled with mandarin and fragrant sandalwood.

We like to make sure we have thought of lots of little luxury touches around Tamburlaine hotel and White Company Noir helps us achieve this in all of our bathrooms. Understated luxury at its finest.