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When in Cambridge..

by granitewordpress
05 May 2017 · 2 min read
Bridge of Sighs - Cambridge

Cambridge only being a small town in the United Kingdom, has plenty to offer. Next to all the historical gems, tourists from all over the world come to visit the fascinating university city each year and it has become a true business hotspot. Whether you’re traveling for business or personal purposes, make sure you try out some of these:

Explore the universities

A great percentage of Cambridge’s inhabitants is represented through students and this is due to many colleges in the district of Cambridgeshire such as Trinity College and King’s college being part of University of Cambridge. Built in 1209, the university is steeped in history and has always been one of the main tourist attractions. On the other hand, being a research university, they use the best technology equipment and innovation is at the heart of what they do, which makes it a wonderful city for business. Most of the faculties, museums, chapels and gardens are part of the premises and available to be visited. Make sure to not miss out on the stunning King’s College Chapel that can be seen from the Backs.

Enter the heaven of delights

You never leave Cambridge without setting a foot into one of their famous cake shops, preferably Fitzbillies, which is to Cambridge as Harrods is to London. English people seem to have a sweet tooth and if you do to, then you will enjoy their delicious suggestions. If the weather is sunny, how about buying a savoury picnic hamper and take it down to river Cam? Two shops are honouring Cambridge with their presence, Trumpington street since 1921 and the little sister in Bridge street.

Fitzbillies Macaroons
Fitzbillies Macaroons

Be English and go punt

How to see Cambridge in 45 minutes without walking? Explore the most beautiful sights and let yourself be chauffeured like in Venice. King’s College Chapel, The Wren Library at Trinity College and the Bridge of Sighs are only some of the sights you can expect. Cambridge’s original punting company is Scudamore’s but there are many other awaiting you.

Discover our museums

Are you a science fanatic or a history connoisseur? Whatever your preference might be some of our favourites are the Sedgwick museum by Cambridge University, which is a science museum dating back to the 18th century, Fitzwilliam museum, stunning in its façade, which features art exhibitions and the museum of Technology which is recognizable by the highest tower for many miles. It talks about the progression of power and technology and is interesting to many.

A city made for business

With its charm, Cambridge is a very attractive city for business travellers and makes it easy to connect with your peers. Not far away from London or New York, it is easily accessible by plane, railway or highway. Many restaurants are striking for lunch or dinner meetings through their relaxing atmosphere such as our Garden Room or Library at the Tamburlaine. Universities providing the city with an educated workforce seems to be interesting for many companies and a reason to settle here. Commercial activity is not centralized but widely spread over the area of Cambridgeshire.