Cambridge Tourism


by granitewordpress
24 February 2017 · 2 min read

Every Saturday from 10am till 5pm, the Cambridge Arts and Crafts fair opens for business. Selling hand made products from Cambridge locals, the fair boasts a wide range of different art forms including textiles, paintings, photography and even jewellery. Each artist is unique in their approach and original in their designs, lending their quality products to the already stellar amount of goods on sale at the historic Cambridge market. Any visitors of The Tamburlaine hotel who are looking for something to truly remind them of their time in Cambridge will find an abundance of opportunities at the Cambridge Arts and Crafts fair. Below is a list of just some of the artists and wares you can find at the market.

Mummybird Jewellery

Claire Mumford works under the moniker of Mummybird and makes handcrafted jewellery at the Cambridge Arts and Crafts fair. The jewellery on offer includes shabby chic necklaces, sparkly brass cuffs and twee trinkets, al handmade with individual personality and style. Claire Mumford has always had an interest in vintage accessories and her style channels her love for all things vintage with her own personality. Some of her necklaces and pendants have within them personal messages, making them great gifts for that special someone. Many of her necklaces are inspired by iconic childrens stories such as Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan.


There are several choices of Ceramics makers to choose from at the Cambridge Arts and Crafts fairs and many more of these wonderful practical yet stunning art work manufacturers in the city. Cambridge boasts a range of different makers of ceramics. These include Brittany Delany. Brittany Delany experiments with modifying the traditional technique of slip casting and carving into plaster moulds to make unique designs. There is also the works of Jenny and Adrian Bell who slip cast their own ceramics whilst Jenny hand illustrates Adrian’s pottery designs with unique illustrations ending up with designs which are both functional and beautiful.

Pasya’s wearable art

Pasya’s wearable art stool at the Cambridge Arts and Crafts market is unique and creates colourful wool fibres into pieces which tell stories and convey emotions. Asia Prusinowska graduated from the Cambridge art school and is now a professional in conceptual design and textiles. Her art is one of a kind and expressive, fashionable, functional and durable. Her designs come from a deep interest in human psychology and art therapy, believing that art is a powerful way of communicating emotions, its own language. Even if the clothes aren’t your style, they’re still a wonder to behold on an artistic level.

Other works

There are plenty more works to peruse at the Arts and Crafts fair in Cambridge. A stall selling metal ink stamps for your own use and with beautiful and unique designs is bound to be of use to anyone looking to decorate letters and create their own literal mark on their writing. There are plenty of local artists who also paint beautiful canvasses, including watercolours ranging from landscape to pet portraits.