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The ultimate checklist for walking in the Cambridge countryside

by granitewordpress
07 March 2018 · 3 min read
Walk on cambridge street

One of the best things about Cambridge is its location. The historic university city is nestled right in the heart of the British countryside. This is why so many walkers, ramblers and hikers visit the area every week.

Book a room at our hotels in Cambridge UK for a weekend of walking you’ll be keen to repeat. After a long day exploring the countryside, head back to The Tamburlaine Hotel for a relaxing bath and a delicious meal. Here are some things you won’t want to forget if you’re planning a trek.

rain coat

Waterproof coat

If you’re planning to walk anywhere in the British countryside, a waterproof coat is essential. The weather can change at any minute so you won’t want to get caught out in the rain. Depending on the time of year you visit The Tamburlaine Hotel, you may want to consider something light but waterproof so you don’t overheat on your hike.

Walking boots


The terrain around the outskirts of Cambridge can be quite rough so you’ll need to make sure you bring some appropriate footwear along on your trip. Waterproof walking boots will ensure that your feet stay comfy and dry while you’re trekking through mud and wet grass.



If you’re planning a hike, you won’t want to be carrying a handbag or a carry bag as you’ll need your hands free in case you trip. A sturdy, waterproof backpack will give you somewhere to store your things while on the move. It will also be much more comfortable and practical than a carry bag.

Water bottle

Trekking through woods and up hills is very thirsty work and it’s vital that you stay hydrated, especially if you’re planning a trip to Cambridge during the warmer months. Be sure to get one that can fit a good amount of water in, but don’t forget you’ll be carrying it around all day so it shouldn’t be too heavy.

Walking stick

Walking sticks can help you keep momentum and provide you with extra support on your walk, especially if you’re tackling difficult inclines. There are plenty of extendable walking sticks to choose from that are sturdy but lightweight and easy to carry.



Whether you’d prefer to go old-school and carry a paper map or you tend to turn to the GPS maps on your smartphone, it’s always good to know where you’re going. Before venturing off into the countryside, make sure you have some form of a map with you so you can always find your way back if you do happen to get lost.


It’s always good to take breaks when you’re rambling, especially in the Cambridge countryside as they allow you to sit and appreciate the beautiful scenery. Make sure you pack some snack bars or fruit so you can keep your energy up throughout the day.



While it isn’t an essential piece of safety equipment or walking accessory, a camera will give you the opportunity to document your walk and capture the beauty of the Cambridge countryside.