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Top reasons to have your summer wedding in Cambridge

by stephaniehiggins
04 June 2018 · 2 min read

Cambridge is a popular destination for couples seeking a summer wedding, and there are many reasons why the area has long been considered such a desirable place by wedding planners. Here are a few of our top reasons to look to Cambridge for your own wedding…

A historic location

Cambridge is one of England’s most prestigious cities, the home of Cambridge University and filled with British history. Some of the nation’s greatest thinkers studied and lived here, and this thirst for learning has helped create a city which as at once hugely historic and yet firmly rooted in the modern world. Few who visit Cambridge are unaffected by it’s beauty, and it’s sure to provide a fantastic site for sharing your wedding day with family and friends.

Legendary scenery

Is there any city in England with such notoriously beautiful scenery? From the ‘dreaming spires’ of the famous Cambridge University, to the parks, historic streets and waterways all around the city, there is so much to see and plenty to fall in love with in Cambridge. For couples who want to ensure their wedding photos are perfect, there are few areas which offer so many camera-ready locations in one compact place.

Great cuisine

The Cambridge foodie scene is large and well-established, with restaurants and cafes offering a combination of delicious fare and great service. Whether hoping for a traditional meal or something a little more modern, Cambridge can accommodate at venues such as the Tamburlaine restaurant, where the Tamburlaine Cambridge menu has been carefully created to cater to all kinds of tastes and dietary needs.

Enviable stag and hen do’s

For couples seeking an all in one location, Cambridge has a vast plethora of historic and well-appointed pubs and other locations perfect for a fun-filled stag or hen party, and these locations are sure to provide the perfect send-off for single life! Whether your idea of a perfect singleton swan song is a pub crawl or punting down the river, there’s lots here to enjoy.

venues for wedding

Incredible venues available

Not only is Cambridge beautiful, but it’s well-equipped for handling weddings, too. There’s a wide range of different venues to choose from, catering to almost any theme of wedding imaginable. Locations such as The Tamburlaine Cambridge provide incredibly event spaces perfect for holding a reception, catering to groups of up to 144 people. In addition, the hotel’s elegant charm and understated luxury makes it a great base for the wedding party to stay at, and our dedicated staff are on hand to ensure every need is attended to for a perfect wedding day.

Fantastic entertainment

The musical and artistic scene of Cambridge has been growing for several years, and the sheer variety of acts and options on show make for a convenient way of sourcing local entertainers for your big day. From live music to performance and much more besides, Cambridge has it all.