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The Top 5 Attractions to See This January In Cambridge

by granitewordpress
05 January 2018 · 3 min read
King's College

As we enter the New Year, thousands of visitors will be heading to the beautiful area of Cambridge to relax after the hectic Christmas period and cut loose with some fun and interesting activities. If you’re planning a trip in January or beyond, our hotels Cambridge provide the perfect place to rest your weary head and tired feet at the end of an exciting day of travelling the city. Whether you’re visiting for a day or a week, these top 5 attractions near The Tamburlaine Hotel are sure to keep you entertained.

Botanic Garden

Brookside, CambridgeBotanic garden in Cambridge, England

Just because the winter weather has come around and the frost has settled, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of nature. A trip to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden is a green paradise that will transport you from the cold British winter to the heart of the rainforest in an instant. The lush greenery is filled with rare trees and beautiful plants that will have you snapping photos all afternoon. With 40 acres to explore and over 8000 species of plant to discover, a stroll through the Botanic Garden is a perfect way to spend a day during your stay at The Tamburlaine Hotel.

King’s College Chapel

King’s Parade, Cambridge

King’s College Chapel

Whether you’re religious or not, the incredible Chapel on the King’s College grounds is a feat of architectural artistry you will not want to miss out on. Built in 1515, the chapel has been a go-to place for pilgrims and tourists for centuries. There are a number of churches and historic structures dotted around Cambridge but if you only have a limited time, be sure to check out this iconic place of worship.

Fitzwilliam Museum

Trumpington Street, Cambridge

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, UK

As the official museum of art and antiques for the University of Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum is home to one of the most incredible collections of historical memorabilia in the country. Take a walk down Trumpington Street and explore the breathtakingly beautiful halls of the museum to discover rare paintings, antique furniture and beautiful statues that date back hundreds of years. Anyone interested in the history of the UK will not want to miss out on this unique opportunity.

Mathematical Bridge

Queens’ College, Cambridge

Mathematical Bridge
The “Mathematical Bridge” over the river CAM at the Queens College in Cambridge, United Kingdom. This famous wooden bridge at Queens College was originally designed and built in 1749 but has been rebuilt twice since.

This may not be the biggest of the many bridges which span the famous River Cam but it is, without a doubt, the most intriguing. The speculation surrounding the design and creation of the wooden footbridge goes back hundreds of years and has been the subject of countless rumours and myths. The bridge was created without bolts or screws with only a mathematical principle holding it together. Head over and learn more about it for yourself this January.

The Centre for Computing History

High Street, Haverhill

Any tech lovers heading to Cambridge this month will not want to miss out on a chance to see where it all began and uncover the history of computer technology. Find out how the rise of modern technology began and learn about the process that transformed basic computing systems into the super-powered tech machines we have today. This is a great learning opportunity and is a fun way to find out more about the way technology has impacted and improved society.