Cambridge Tourism

Things for kids to do around Cambridge

by granitewordpress
24 August 2017 · 2 min read
Punting Boats in Cambridge

If your kids are curious little monkeys, take them to Cambridge, a place which is almost guaranteed to ask them to poke and prod all the things they see to understand them! Whether they’re a nature lover, a bookworm, or into machines and science, Cambridge will have something to fascinate them.

The Tamburlaine hotel is near plenty of Cambridge attractions, and is easy to get to because we’re one of the hotels near Cambridge Station. We find being central is a great idea when kids are involved in case they get too excited from their day of fun!

Imperial War Museum

For every child who dreams of flying planes and playing soldiers, the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, just outside Cambridge, is an ideal day out. Huge hangars are filled with real war planes, displays and you can even examine famous planes like the Lancaster and the Spitfire. The American Air Museum lets you discover the stories of the GIs who fought in WWII, and you can see aircraft being restored for flight.

Walking and Punting Tours of Cambridge

Closer to The Tamburlaine hotel and other hotels near Cambridge Station, you can find excellent tours around this great city. Kids who like old buildings and feel like the cobbled streets are straight out of a fairy tale will love wandering around the streets and taking photos. If their little legs are a bit wobbly by the end of the walking tour, they’ll soon perk up when you begin the punting part of the day and sail around and under some of Cambridge’s loveliest spots.

The Animal Experience

Ely is easy to get to via train, so if you want to visit The Animal Experience be sure to book one of the hotels near Cambridge Station! Here, children and adults can handle animals under the care of animal trainers. It’s a fun day for reptile-mad little ones and kids who are fonder of fluffier creatures like meerkats. Just make sure they don’t smuggle one or two back to the Tamburlaine hotel!

Fitzwilliam Museum

If you have a tiny painter or miniature historian with you, they’ll appreciate a visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum. Not fair from the Tamburlaine hotel, this museum has a fantastic rotation of works from paintings from Britain and abroad, historic artefacts, and an incredible permanent collection. There’s always something new to see and they’re a part of the ‘We Love Kids in Museums’ scheme, so you and your family will be very warmly welcomed.

Corpus Clock

This might be a little bonus that your kids might spot all by themselves; the clock set into the wall at Corpus Christi College. Locked behind glass, a giant golden clock spins to tell the time, as a sculpted dragon on top of it helps pull the clock face along. People are encouraged to take pictures and video of the sculpture, and your children will be fascinated. It’s not far from the Tamburlaine hotel or the Fitzwilliam Museum, so you can make this the first or last stop on your tour.