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The Cambridge Botanical Garden

by granitewordpress
24 January 2017 · 2 min read
Cambridge University

Especially in the summer, guests at the Tamburlaine Hotel will no doubt want to visit the nearby Botanical Garden between Trumpington Road, Bateman Street and Hills Road. Affiliated with the Cambridge University school of Plant Sciences, the Botanical Garden is sixteen hectares in diameter and holds a whopping 8000 species of plants. For any budding botanists or park enthusiasts visiting Cambridge, this is prime day out with plenty to do. The Garden, which dates back to 1831, the Botanic Garden as it stands was a move away from an older garden which was located in the centre of Cambridge. The 1831 version was championed by none other than Charles Darwin’s teacher John Stevens Henslow. The garden took decades to grow, the first tree only being planted in 1846.

Cory Lodge

Within the garden, visitors can find Cory Lodge. Several rare tree specimens can be found around the lodge and the lodge itself used to be the residence of the Botanic Garden’s director. Now it houses a library, books mostly on the topic of practical Horticulture which is used by the gardens staff for research and the garden’s maintenance.


Garden visitors can take seasonal trails around the garden. In the winter, the fallen leaves mean that visitors can see the bare bones of the wonderful garden whilst at other times of year, the head of horticulture picks a range of plants which will be at their best. This also happens on a weekly basis, giving the botanic garden staying power and giving you more reasons to return week after week.


The garden hosts a wide range of events. These include an upcoming tour of the Sainsbury’s Laboratory. This Stirling Prize winning building is one of the most state of the art plant research centre’s in England and works with many of the world’s leading scientists to find ways of preserving plants and discovering what biological secrets they may hold. Many of the research projects are also undertaken by University staff and students of the Archaeology, Architecture, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Geography, Plant Sciences, Zoology departments.


For guests staying at rooms in Cambridge, the Botanical gardens can be reached via Station Road, directly down from the station making it a very central location and in very close proximity to the Tamburlaine Hotel, Cambridge. The enquiry desk is open between 9.30am and 4.30pm from Monday to Friday. The garden itself is open from 10am to 4pm.