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The Tamburlaine’s Guide to the Fascinating University of Cambridge Museums

by granitewordpress
11 January 2018 · 3 min read
Zoological Museum

For centuries, the famous University of Cambridge has been a place of pilgrimage for students and scholars from all over the world. The iconic collection of buildings and institutions offers a fountain of knowledge for tourists.

Whether you’re a student on a weekend break or a parent looking for an educational family experience, our hotels in central Cambridge are situated in the heart of the historic town. Here are some of the must-see university museums that you can find close to The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge.

Fitzwilliam Museum

Fitzwilliam Museum

Trumpington Street, Cambridge

With one of the largest collections of antiques and artefacts in the country, it’s no surprise that the Fitzwilliam Museum is one of the most popular of Cambridge’s numerous institutions. If you’re looking to learn more about the history of the UK and uncover some of the hidden artistic treasure that have been lost in time, be sure to take a stroll down Trumpington Street during your next stay at The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge. Whether you’re an art lover or a history-seeker, there’s something for everyone to see.

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology The University of Cambridge
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology The University of Cambridge – Image Credits – Wikipedia


Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

Downing Street, Cambridge

For those students aiming to get a qualification in archaeology, anthropology or any similar field, the MMA is a must-see. Discover an extensive collection of ancient artefacts from areas all around the world that paints an in-depth picture of the history of humans and the way society has evolved over the years. With an unrivalled collection of authentic documents and scientific journals, you’ll discover a well of knowledge to draw from. From hand-carved sculptures which can trace their origins back to ancient India to photographs of sites from the deserts of the Middle East, you’ll find all kinds of hidden treasures residing here.

Museum of Zoology

Downing Street, Cambridge

Take a trip to the Museum of Zoology and delve into an amazing world of nature by learning about the millions of different species of animals around the world. The research institution is a leading body in the world of zoology and has developed a huge collection of documents and artefacts that highlight the amazing evolutionary journey that creatures throughout history have taken. A trip to the Museum of Zoology is a great opportunity for families to spend an afternoon together. Why not teach the kids about the origins of their favourite species and help them discover a world of wonder?


The Polar Museum

Lensfield Road, Cambridge

Transport yourself from the scenic streets of Cambridge to the snowy landscapes of the North and South Poles. The history of the Arctic and its cousin further south is rich with adventure and discovery. Stroll through the halls of the Polar Museum and browse an amazing collection of artefacts from some of the coldest and harshest areas in the world. Hear about the brave researchers and explorers that risked their lives to traverse the unforgiving landscapes of the Polar regions in the name of adventure and science. This is a unique opportunity that offers tourists something very different to the average museum.