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by granitewordpress
27 June 2017 · 2 min read
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Visitors to Cambridge may not immediately think of the city as being a place that’s perfect for keeping fit and remaining active but in fact, Cambridge has a lot to offer in terms of exercise.

Though the main attractions in the city tend to focus on the arts, history and the University of Cambridge, there are plenty of ways to stay active if you’re keen to stick to your fitness schedule during a city break or business trip. All it takes is a little creativity! Read on to find out how you can tone up and work out during your stay at the Tamburlaine Hotel, Cambridge.


With so many parks and open spaces in Cambridge, you’ll never find yourself short of somewhere to go for a jog or a longer distance run. Many of the parks are within walking distance of The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge and most have paved areas so you need not worry about having to run on the grass. There are also a number of routes and circuits around the city that have been put in place especially for those who want somewhere to hike or jog. Information about all of the different routes can be found on the Cambridge City Council website.

Wall Climbing:

Clip ‘n Climb is a wall climbing facility in the city that offers rock climbing, bouldering and climbing challenges to everyone aged four and over. It’s a great location for those who already enjoy wall climbing activities as well as being an easy starting point for visitors who are looking for something new to try.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good afternoon swim? There are a lot of different swimming locations in Cambridge, but one of the most popular is the outdoor pool in Jesus Green Park. It’s the city’s largest pool and one of the longest in the country, so it’s definitely worth checking out. When the weather isn’t great and the sun isn’t shining, Cambridge has a number of well-equipped indoor pools to choose from.


If you are someone that enjoys heading off on a hike, you’re sure to enjoy Cambridge’s many hiking and walking trails. There are trails for all levels of fitness ability, with different terrains, lengths and difficulty to choose from.


If you are staying in one of the hotels near Cambridge Train Station, consider cycling rather than taking the train when you head out. Cambridge is a relatively flat city so it is very cyclist friendly, especially if you haven’t been on a bike in a while. Bikes can be rented at various locations around the city and there are lots of cycle routes to try. Cycling is also a great way to experience some of Cambridge’s lesser explored areas and beautiful scenery.

With so many different activities on offer, it isn’t hard to stay active during your visit to Cambridge. Whether you are staying in the heart of the city or on the outskirts, you’ll never find yourself too far from something to do.