Cambridge Attractions

A Shutter Bug’s Guide To The Historic Sights Of Cambridge

by granitewordpress
02 February 2018 · 3 min read
Cambridge Attractions - High angle view of the city of Cambridge, UK

As one of the oldest cities in Britain, Cambridge is home to a wonderful collection of historic buildings, cultural monuments and scenic views which are captured on a daily basis by photographers from all over the world.

If you love snapping photos, be sure to bring your camera along to The Tamburlaine Hotel so you can capture the beauty of the city. Here are some of the must-see spots you can find around our hotels near Cambridge station.

Peterhouse College

Peterhouse College
Courtyard view of the historic Peterhouse College, the oldest college at the University of Cambridge, England. University of Cambridge campus buildings.

If you’re looking to capture the history of Cambridge, there’s no better place to start than the iconic Peterhouse College. The university campus is the oldest of the Cambridge colleges and was established by the Bishop of Ely in 1284. The buildings and grounds have been beautifully maintained and offer a plethora of photo opportunities for tourists. Make your way from The Tamburlaine Hotel and explore the Peterhouse College campus to see how many aesthetic treasures you can find.

Mathematical Bridge

Mathematical Bridge
The “Mathematical Bridge” over the river CAM at the Queens College in Cambridge, United Kingdom. This famous wooden bridge at Queens College was originally designed and built in 1749 but has been rebuilt twice since.

It’s surprising how such a small wooden bridge across the River Cam can be the subject of stories and myths that reach back hundreds of years. Located on the grounds of the Queen’s College Campus, the Mathematical Bridge has generated so much talk thanks to its unique structure – it uses no screws and is held together purely by a mathematical principle. Head over to Queen’s College on your travels through Cambridge and capture a photo or two of the famous bridge.

American Cemetery and Memorial

Cambridge American Cemetery
The Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial, Madingley

This beautiful monument is a resting place for over 3500 Americans who gave their lives fighting in World War 2. It also serves as a beautiful memorial for the brave men and women who didn’t make it through the conflict. The cemetery boasts 30.5 acres of open space, with 3,812 gravestones lining the grass. A trip to the American Cemetery and Memorial will provide you with some breathtaking photos while also giving you chance to learn more about the sacrifices made during the war.

River Cam

River Cam Cambridge, England
The Cam River at sunset in Cambridge, England

If you’re struggling to get the right angle or capture the perfect scenic shot, a stroll alongside the famous River Cam will uncover a world of beauty. Grab your camera, put your walking boots on and start walking along the bank of the river to make the most of your time in Cambridge. Whether it’s the quaint beauty of the Jesus Green or the grand architecture of the Trinity College grounds, there are plenty of wonderful sights to discover along the water’s edge.

Market Square

Market Square
The Market Square (aka the Market Hill) is the location of the marketplace in central Cambridge, England Operating as a marketplace since Saxon times (5th to the 11th century) connected via Rose Crescent, Market Street, Petty Cury, Guildhall Street, Peas Hill, St Mary’s Passage, St Mary’s Street.

The bustling Market Square is a vibrant trading post in the heart of Cambridge where you can find all sorts of hidden treasures. From antique furniture and classical artwork to boutique fashion and accessories, there is something for everyone. The colourful stalls offer plenty of opportunities for budding photographers to capture interesting and lively shots of shopper, traders and all kinds of interesting trinkets and quirky product.