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Roberts Radio

by granitewordpress
16 June 2017 · 2 min read
Roberts Radio

Guest rooms and suites at Tamburlaine are exceptionally spacious, elegant and generous, with handmade beds, crisp linens and exclusive toiletries. Bespoke furniture and collected retro pieces add character and personality. One of the retro pieces we provide in the bedrooms is our Roberts Radio. Our guests love them.

A bit about Roberts

This year Roberts Radio Ltd. celebrates 85 years of business.  The company was founded by friends Harry Roberts and Leslie Bidmead, who began making portable radios from a small shop in London in 1932. They began by producing just three radios a week, they had a simple philosophy: ‘never compromise on quality and keep pushing the boundaries’. Although much has changed in the audio technology world since then, the company has stuck to these values and has remained the UK’s market leader in portable radios.


A timeline of events

1932. When Harry Roberts founded Roberts Radio in 1932, Leslie Bidmead sold his motorbike to pay for their small factory.
1939. When war broke out, radio production continued until the supply of valves for domestic radio production ran out.
1956. The original ‘Revival’ radio – the R66 – was created by Harry Roberts. It was inspired by the design of a handbag owned by his wife.
1961. Roberts produced a one-off R200 radio with a solid gold case. Costing the equivalent of £26,000 in today’s money, it appeared in newspapers all over the world.
1999. Roberts set an industry ‘first’ with the launch of a portable DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) digital radio.
2007. The first Smart Radio, the WM201, is launched. Allowing access to thousands of stations from around the world, it also streamed music files from your PC.
2014. The iStream2 launched and introduced Spotify Connect to their range of Smart Radios. Also launched in this year was the Stream 93i.
2016. A new chapter for Roberts Radio. In today’s connected world, streaming is how so many people enjoy their music. The R-Line is the premium audio speaker system with wireless multi-room capability.

In our hotel rooms at Tamburlaine we supply a 1950’s styled radio Revival with the latest DAB technology. The radio has playback for your iPod or MP3, so can double up as a speaker for your playlists too. With the auto tune feature, it’s easy to find a preferred station across the various wavebands. Any particular favourites can be saved down as pre-sets for a quick tune-in next time round.

So, next time you come to stay with us at Tamburlaine make sure you tune in with your Roberts Radio.