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Perfect Photo Spots for A Family In Cambridge

by granitewordpress
02 April 2018 · 3 min read
High angle view of the city of Cambridge, UK at beautiful sunny day

Whether you’re planning a family holiday card or you need a new family picture to put on the wall of your living room, a trip to Cambridge is the perfect opportunity to capture everyone’s smile.

Here at the Tamburlaine Cambridge, we love welcoming families to the historic university city. Whether you have an only child or a huge family, the Tamburlaine Hotel parking will make sure there’s space for everyone. Here are some of the perfect photo spots to take your next family photo.

The River Cam, Cambridge

River Cam near Kings College

The famous River Cam is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks and offers an abundance of scenic photo spots. Even if you don’t consider yourself a photographic visionary, you’ll never struggle to find a great backdrop for your family photo alongside the river. Make your way over to the waterway from the Tamburlaine Cambridge and stroll along its banks until you find a good spot.

Direction to the River Cam from The Tamburlaine Hotel

The Mathematical Bridge, Cambridge

Mathematical Bridge
The “Mathematical Bridge” over the river CAM at the Queens College in Cambridge, United Kingdom. This famous wooden bridge at Queens College was originally designed and built in 1749 but has been rebuilt twice since.

Another great way of including the River Cam in your photo is by posing on one of the many bridges. This particular bridge holds a lot of history and is a very popular spot for tourists. The reason for this is down to the unique design which doesn’t use any screws or bolts and relies entirely on a mathematical principle. Set up your camera on the riverbank and organise yourselves along the bridge for a beautiful family photo that would look great on any wall or display.

Direction to the Mathematical Bridge from The Tamburlaine Hotel

The Trinity College, Cambridge

Trinity College Great Court. Picture with leafs on the foreground.

There are a number of beautiful university campuses located around Cambridge so be sure to explore and discover all over the secret hidden spot. However, if you want to include the university in your family photo, it doesn’t get much better than Trinity College. The campus is renowned for having some of the most beautiful grounds and featuring incredible architecture. Take a stroll around the gardens and frame up the perfect backdrop.

Direction to The Trinity College from The Tamburlaine Hotel

The Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Brookside, Cambridge

Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Explore Cambridge’s green gem and get lost inside a beautiful oasis as you search for the perfect backdrop for your family photo. The Botanic Garden has been around for over a century and is one of the university’s most prized buildings. As you explore the grounds, you’ll come across all kinds of beautiful plant life, from colourful flower beds to exotic herb gardens. The vibrant colour and rich textures found in the garden makes it a perfect place for photos. If you can stand the humidity, try out the iconic greenhouse and see what you can discover.

Direction to Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Brookside, Cambridge from The Tamburlaine Hotel

The Midsummer Common, Cambridge

The Midsummer common Cambridge

If you want to keep it simple and just find a nice natural backdrop that showcases the beauty of Cambridge, head over to Midsummer Common. There you’ll find open grassy fields, beautiful oak trees and views of the open sky. The greenery also runs alongside the River Cam, giving you more opportunity to mix things up and experiment with your family photo.

Direction to the Midsummer Common, Cambridge from The Tamburlaine Hotel