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Just renew our ‘Gin’ Membership

by granitewordpress
05 April 2017 · 1 min read
The most fantastic selection of Pinkster Gin at Tamburlaine

At Tamburlaine we understand how important a good Gin is. We have approximately 30 different types of Gin on our drinks menu, with Pinksters being one of our favourites.

How was Pinksters Gin started?

A kitchen table, a frustrated accountant and a bottle of Gin.

It all started when Pinksters creator Stephen noticed that wine and beer didn’t settle so well anymore with him. He was an eager maker of sloe liqueurs and he soon decided to set his mind on making spirits instead.

He experimented with all sorts of different fruits and spirits at home and incidentally ended up creating a pink gin. He had tried all the fruits and decided that he thought raspberry had the most distinct flavour.

He connected with G&J Distillers (Est. 1761 – one of the oldest gin distilleries) and organised with them to produce for him the core spirit of the Gin. Pinksters then blend with a further three botanicals which include fresh raspberries that are grown within Cambridge.

Pinksters recycle their raspberries, fairly boozy raspberries that is…and then sell them in farm shops and food halls as ‘Boozy Berries’. Great idea if you ask me!

Stephen has managed to build quite a brand and a great team behind it. However if you think he is taking a back seat, you’re wrong. Stephen is still heavily involved and manages the entire production to promise every bottle is as perfect as the next.

We love Pinksters Gin for being so unique, a bit like us at Tamburlaine.