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by granitewordpress
09 February 2017 · 2 min read
Golf Course

Cambridge has much natural beauty in the surrounding area making it prime land for the development of beautiful, creative and scenic golf course. Golf courses are great because they do not ruin the natural landscape but give people a great pass time and area in which to keep fit, socialise and better their par. If guests at the Tamburlaine Hotel are looking for somewhere to practice their pitch, then look no further than these brilliant golf courses.

Cambridge Golf Course

This Cambridge Lake Golf course is a popular area for nine-hole golf and is suitable for families and younger players. The course is located on Trumpington Road and incorporates a whopping fifteen acres of land into two stunning lakes, five bunkers, a water course and several landscaped areas. On site there is also several cafes and shop areas as well as a teaching area with covered bays and synthetic pitching greens for those who want to practice their swing. The golf course boasts an informal atmosphere that is welcoming to any and all.

Hallmark Golf

This championship standard golf course is located 6 miles outside of Cambridge and incorporates an eighteen hole Champion Golf course with leisure facilities and a short drive into the city centre.

Wyboston Lake Golf Course

Set with a scenic view of the Great River Ouse, the Wyboston Lake Golf Course caters to all ages. The course is made up of an 18 hole par 70 course, set in 380 acres of countryside. The 5985 yard course is blessed with a friendly and fun atmosphere and will promise a great time for all ages. The Wyboston Lake also includes its very own Golf Studio. The Golf Studio sells the best in Golfing Kit, clothes and accessories. They have also recently installed high tech devices that can analyse and improve your golf swing, helping even the best Golfers in improving their game. This device is called Flightscope, and tracks the backspin, ball height and speed using video technology and analysis, the results of which you can find online and find advice to help you improve your game.

Hanbury Manor Country Club

The Hanbury Manor Country club has within its 200 acres, an 8-hole golf course in its stunning setting. There is also a lifelike golf simulator which has recreated fifteen of the best courses in the world and is superb for any golf aficionado.