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A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away…So they say…

by granitewordpress
19 May 2017 · 2 min read

At any time of the day or night, someone somewhere is enjoying a glass of wine. (We wish it was us!) But wine is so important to so many people and a good glass of wine can really relax you after a hard day’s work.

At Tamburlaine, we use Lea & Sandeman to supply 70% of all of our wine stock. Lea & Sandeman focus on wines to drink and enjoy – not just wines that impress at tastings. Their wines will leave you wanting another glass, or five!

Lea & Sandeman ensure they source wines direct from the growers themselves. They always go for quality over a ‘name’. Their strength is in the wine world’s classics (of which they have a huge range of stock and they offer interesting, individual wines from all over the world

They opened their first shop on Fulham Road in 1988, the aim being to bring the full service of the traditional wine merchants to the High Street in an updated form. They now own four more stores in Chelsea, Kensington, Barnes and Chiswick which have won many accolades over the years.

Lea & Sandeman supplies the whole of the country, delivering as much as possible in their own vans to ensure the best possible service.

Want some wine tips?

To squash a common misconception, it’s fine to drink red wine with fish. Fish is a delicate flavour, though, so you’ll need something soft like a Beaujolais or Pinot Noir.
If you’re having spicy food, choose something soft and fruity like Chilean or Australian reds. Lamb is perfect with Rioja and for chicken you need to try a lighter style like a New Zealand Pinot Noir. For steak, choose a wine from Chile, Australia or California.

For barbecues, try a white from Australia, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, and North America. French whites go perfectly with mussels, especially bottles from the Loire Valley. Or Pinot Grigio is a nice aperitif wine and comes into its own with seafood or risotto.

Dry rosé has a fantastic fruity, floral aroma. France, Australia, Chile and New Zealand do some great bottles. Look for Cabernet, Shiraz or Pinot Noir roses and the words ‘dry’ on the label. The general rule is to match a dry with pink-coloured foods such as salmon, tuna and prawns.

One more piece of advice from us…corks! People tend to believe that a screw top is a sign of cheap wine and a cork is the sign of a premium vintage. That is absolutely not the case. Purchasing wine with a screw top is practical, especially if on a picnic or at an event. It also removes the risk of wine being corked.

Whichever wine you choose to enjoy with us just remember that it doesn’t matter what the question was because wine is always the answer!