Cambridge Tourism

Experience the history of Cambridge while staying at Tamburlaine

by granitewordpress
12 October 2017 · 2 min read
Kings College, Cambridge University

Among the many historic towns and cities of Britain, Cambridge is one of the most culturally iconic. People from around the world venture to England every year to visit our University town and explore the area in search of history and adventure.

If you’re planning a trip to The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge, you won’t struggle to find all sorts of exciting and fulfilling things to do. During your time at our luxury accommodation, Cambridge will be your personal treasure trove of art, culture and history. To help you make the most of your adventure, we’ve put together a helpful guide with suggestions on things to see and places to visit.

University of Cambridge

As the second oldest university in the UK (behind its main rival Oxford), the University of Cambridge offers a living window into the history of education and architecture in England. A stroll around the grounds provides an abundance of photo opportunities for those with an eye for photography. The campus was established in 1209 and has continued to provide a top-level education to students around the world for centuries. Some of the most notable alumni include Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking and Dame Jane Goodall. No trip to The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge would be complete without visiting the famous University grounds so be sure to take a stroll while you’re in the area.

Downing Street, Cambridge

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Downing Street, Cambridge

If you’re looking to really explore the history of Cambridge and the UK, there’s no better place than the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Home to one of the most prestigious collections of ancient artefacts and antique memorabilia in the country, the MAA is a popular destination for anyone visiting Cambridge. Step through the doors and find yourself surrounded by thousands of years of history. Browse the Li Ka Shing Gallery and discover a collection of artefacts from ancient civilisations.

Christ’s Pieces

Emmanuel Road, Cambridge

The greater Cambridge area is full of beautiful scenery and quiet natural greeneries but none hold quite as much history as Christ’s Pieces. The Victorian park was established in the 18th century, before which it had been used as an agricultural area. Located near Christ’s College, the park has become a local hotspot for students and visitors looking to relax and take a stroll. It was a favoured walking spot of the famous poet, John Milton who later had a pathway in the park named after him.

cambridge building

Cambridge Science Centre

Jesus Lane, Cambridge

Cambridge is famous for being an ambassador of enlightenment and for its history of pushing forward education and science in Britain. The Cambridge Science Centre is a celebration of the wonders of science. As the first interactive museum in the area, it offers visitors the chance to get hands-on and learn about the history of science and how some of the greatest discoveries in the world were made.