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Enlightening activities for kids in Cambridge

by granitewordpress
03 November 2017 · 2 min read

The historic town of Cambridge is a wonderland of enlightenment for people of all ages. The historic buildings and educational institutions around the area offer a wide range of exciting and insightful activities for youngsters.

If you’re planning a family holiday and searching for hotels near Cambridge station, The Tamburlaine Hotel offers a comfortable setting that’s close to a number of kid-friendly attractions. To make sure your little ones get the most out of their trip to Cambridge, we’ve put together a list of enlightening activities.

Footprint Tours

This guided walking tour of Cambridge is designed to give youngsters a look at one of the country’s oldest educational institutions and to teach them about the history of the famous University town and the iconic people that found fame after studying there. Stroll along the River Cam and uncover the secrets of the numerous university colleges and the key events throughout the institution’s long history. Anyone visiting The Tamburlaine Hotel with promising young students will not want to miss out on this rare opportunity to inspire them.

Whipple Museum of the History of Science

Free School Lane, Cambridge

Introduce your kids to the weird and wonderful world of science as you take them on a journey through history and into the minds of the greatest scientists in the world. The Whipple Museum is a very popular attraction amongst students but offers something for kids of all ages. Browse the collection of historic scientific texts and discover the type of work that changed the world as we know it. Engage with your little one’s imagination as they look through the huge collection of strange and intriguing scientific equipment. This is a must-see for any budding scientists or historians.

Cambridge Treasure Hunt Trail

Silver Street, Cambridge

This is the perfect activity for families planning a trip to Cambridge. The unique experience will test your teamwork skills and bring the family together for a fun afternoon of solving clues and completing challenges. Begin your adventure on Silver Street and use the guide to make your way around the historic town in search of the treasure. During your hunt, you will come up against all sorts of challenges and obstacles that will test your brain power while giving you a chance to explore Cambridge and discover more about the local area.

Centre for Computing History

Coldhams Road, Cambridge

Give your kids a chance to learn more about the history of modern technology with a trip to the Centre for Computing History. In the digital age, kids are often more interested in the latest gadgets and technology than history or classical art which is what makes this institution so popular amongst young children and teenagers. Learn about the invention of the most important technology such as computers, cameras and TVs as you browse the amazing exhibits. Your kids will also be excited to know that the centre is home to a wide collection of vintage and modern gaming consoles.