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Day trips from the Tamburlaine Hotel

by granitewordpress
06 September 2017 · 2 min read
Ely Cathedral in Cambridge

When you’re staying in Cambridge, you’ll be almost spoilt for choice at the things you can do. There are so many things to explore, like the venerable college grounds, museums, galleries, and amazing pieces of architecture, that fitting it all in and finding time to relax in your beautiful room at the Tamburlaine can be quite the challenge!

This is why it’s no good looking for the cheapest stay when you’re booking Cambridge UK hotels. You could end up miles out of town, and due to Cambridge’s own rules you might not have an easy time of it getting around without a car! That’s why so many hotels near Cambridge station exist—to give out of towners a chance to leave their cars at home.

You can still go on daytrips from the station even if you have left your own wheels at home. These superb destinations make for a great day trip, and all are easily accessible by train.

Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral is one of the oldest in the entire UK, founded in 672 by St Etheldreda. It’s famous for its stunning looks and pure scale, as the current building was finished in 1083 and is still standing. Over 250,000 people visit Ely every year, and it’s a very easy ride on public transport from any of the hotels near Cambridge Station. Plan carefully to make sure that you don’t upset any services, as Ely is still a working cathedral and has services almost every day in the morning and afternoon, as well as extra services on special days.

Bury St. Edmunds

A lovely example of an old English market town, and easily reachable from Cambridge UK hotels, Bury St. Edmunds was one of the original royal towns of the Saxons. The old Abbey is a shrine to the King Edmund, and the town owes its popularity to the apparent miracles the dead king would confer on his followers when they came to his final resting place.
It also holds St. Mary’s Church, which has a royal connection: Henry VIII’s sister, Mary Tudor, is buried here. If you love learning about England’s long and strange history when it comes to royals, look no further than Bury St. Edmunds.

Audley End

Although Audley End is only a train ride away, kids on a day trip might love it because of its miniature railway! Ramble through the woodlands in a tiny train and see if they can spot any fairies or elves hiding in the branches.

For grownups, Audley End House is a wonderful stately home to visit. Wander around the gardens, created by the famous Victorian gardener ‘Capability’ Brown, meet servants and discover how they lived, or just wander about the stately Jacobean house until it’s time to go home again.

Cambridge Colleges

If you don’t want to take a train, how about using your feet instead? Many of Cambridge’s famous old colleges are easily reachable and within walking distance from Cambridge UK hotels, and our own Tamburlaine – one of the leading hotels near Cambridge Station. Visit landmarks like the Bridge of Sighs, wander through the Botanic Gardens to reach Pembroke College and Newnham College, and even see if you can take a punt or photograph the Mathematical Bridge on your travels.