Tamburlaine Hotel

Cambridge Wine Merchants

by granitewordpress
02 May 2017 · 1 min read
Explore the best of Cambridge Wine Merchants at Tamburlaine bar

Our cocktail bar is a hugely important part of Tamburlaine so we chose our spirit suppliers very carefully. We wanted to ensure we work with as many local companies as possible, hence the relationship between Tamburlaine and Cambridge Wine Merchants was born.

Cambridge Wine Merchants are an independent company with shops at various parts of Cambridge such as Mill Road, Bridge Street, King’s Parade and Cherry Hinton Road (the latter three of which also operate as wine bars), as well as franchises in Salisbury, Royston and Ampthill. In most of their stores they offer wine, whisky and spirit sampling.

The company began in 1993 by two friends, Hal Wilson and Brett Turner (both of whom are in their 40s and live in Cambridge). They met at Peterhouse May Ball in 1990. Each of them have two sons, who sometimes work for the company in their stores or at their headquarters (an impressive farm just outside of Cambridge).
Hal and Brett started with one shop in Mill Road, Cambridge, and have never looked back.

Cambridge Wine Merchants believe in only the best and they put a lot of effort into finding it. They like authentic spirits stuff made by real people, preferably on their own land. Their range is absolutely vast – 400 malt whiskies alone.

Both individually and as a company they are heavily committed to giving something back to their community and supporting charity. Every year they stage their own charity fundraising events and engage with the local community.

So anytime you visit us at Tamburlaine for a cocktail, or two…or five you have Cambridge Wine Merchants to thank for the spirits you are consuming. Thanks for keeping us hydrated Hal and Brett!