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The best winter photo spots in Cambridge

by granitewordpress
07 November 2017 · 2 min read
Anglesey Abbey Gardens

Now that the cold weather is here, the lowering sun will uncover a huge range of new and beautiful photo opportunities around Cambridge. The famous university town is a hotspot for photographers and Instagrammers all over the world.

There are plenty of places to snap some great photos around our hotels near Cambridge station and the upcoming winter months will add a unique ambience that only cold weather can bring. Here are some of our top suggestions for places to take a walk with your camera during your stay at The Tamburlaine Hotel.

Wicken Fen

Nature lovers will not want to miss out on a chance to explore the beautiful scenery of the oldest National Trust nature reserve in the UK. Head over to the park in the early hours and capture the cool, crisp colours of the cold air as it brushes through the naked winter trees. A late afternoon stroll through Wicken Fen will uncover a world of golden light that will provide photographers with some breathtaking shots. Capture the setting sun as it baths the golden leaves and open grasslands in warm light. Create wonderful silhouettes as you snap trees and wildlife against the backdrop of the sun.

St John’s College

The iconic castle-style structure at the heart of St John’s College offers photographers a chance to capture the beauty of Cambridge architecture. The beautifully vast central campus is covered in climbing plants that create a stunning sense of colour and texture all year round. Whether you’re looking to snap some wide-angle landscape shots or you’re looking to capture the intricate beauty of the structure close up, the famous college is a treasure trove of scenic beauty. Any photographers heading to The Tamburlaine Hotel will not want to miss out on a stroll around the grounds of St John’s College.

Anglesey Abbey

Enter a world of natural wonder as you stroll through one of Cambridge’s most popular green getaways. The gardens around Anglesey Abbey are full of evergreen trees which means you can still capture a vibrant selection of colours even in the cold of winter. The lake which can be found at the heart of the grounds is home to all kinds of local wildlife and during the icy winter months offers photographers a chance to capture the cold as the mist floats across the surface of the icy water.

Ely Cathedral

Chapter House, Ely

In the neighbouring area of Ely, you’ll find one of the most iconic and beautiful buildings in Cambridgeshire. Ely Cathedral was built over a period of 300 years and was finally completed in 1375. Thanks to a majestic tower, the cathedral can be seen for miles around and is a wonderful photo opportunity for any shutterbugs exploring the local area. The intricate stonework built into the towers and the gorgeous stained glass windows are full of detail and will make for amazing photos. During the winter months, Ely Cathedral looks even more beautiful when it’s coated with a fresh layer of snow.