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Best Places to Shop for Party Dresses for Teenagers Near the Tamburlaine

by granitewordpress
29 November 2017 · 2 min read
Shop for Party Dresses for Teenagers

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve upon us, it’s time to think about planning your festive outfits and party dresses for the many events you’ll no doubt be attending over the festive period. Cambridge is a fantastic shopping destination as it has such a range of different shops to choose from, catering to all tastes and varied budgets. So, if you’re in Cambridge and are looking for party dresses for teenagers, you won’t fall short of retail options to shop ‘till you drop.

At the Tamburlaine Hotel we know that shopping for teenagers isn’t the easiest of tasks. In fact, if you’ve ever embarked on a buying trip with a teen you’re sure to know that the first hurdle is finding the best places to look, never mind managing to agree on what’s suitable and within budget. With so many different styles and trends to consider, it is always a good idea to have an idea in advance of the different shopping destinations in the local area; this will ensure you (and your teenager!) will have a range of items to choose from and some fun along the way.

Here are some great Cambridge shopping options for party dresses for teenagers to add to your itinerary when travelling with a fashionable teenager:

Grand Arcade

If you’re staying in one of our hotels near Cambridge Station, you will find yourself not much more than a stone’s throw from Cambridge’s main shopping areas. Grand Arcade is a short and convenient distance from The Tamburlaine Hotel. It has a number of premium retailers, as well as many of the regular high street favourites meaning it does a great job of catering to all budgets, tastes and ages. There’s no shortage of shops at the Grand Arcade when you’re looking for party dresses for your teen ahead of a special occasion such as New Year’s Eve or a sweet 16 birthday party so don’t forget your credit card!

Grafton Centre
Grafton Centre is another large shopping destination in the heart of the city, not too far from our hotels near Cambridge Station. Grafton Centre has recently undergone a makeover and it now boasts a range of fantastic shopping options since the facelift. The mall also offers a varied food court if you’re interested in making an entire day out of your shopping trip by stopping for essential refuelling. With a broad range of retailers, there’s a variety of party dresses on offer so you’re sure to find the perfect frock whatever your offspring’s personal style.

Independent Stores
One of the great things about shopping in Cambridge is the sheer number of independent stores and unique boutiques that are dotted around the city. Independent stores are great if you’re looking for one-off party dresses for teenagers as they offer unique and individual pieces, many of which won’t be available elsewhere.

Many of Cambridge’s top independent stores and boutiques are located in and around the city centre; Lion Yard Shopping Centre, King Street and Bridge Street are good places to start.

There’s something for everyone in Cambridge, from high end dress shops and bespoke boutiques to much cheaper and budget friendly alternatives. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here.