Cambridge Travel Guide

The Best Places to Punt Near the Tamburlaine

by granitewordpress
02 July 2018 · 2 min read

If there’s one thing everyone wants to do when they visit Cambridge, it’s get on the river. Cambridge has some of the most famous waterways in the whole of the country and taking out a punt offers a unique point of view on the city. You get to see beauty spots and sights impossible to see on foot and, besides that, it’s an enormously relaxing way to move about Cambridge,

Staying in The Tamburlaine, you’re in a great spot to access the best punting Cambridge has to offer.

Scudamore’s Punting Cambridge

Running since the early part of the 20th century, Scudamore’s Punting Cambridge offers a thoroughly traditional punting experience.

They offer guided tours of the River Cam and its immediate surroundings, or you can choose to take out your own river vessels. Scudamore’s doesn’t just offer punts however, you also have your choice of kayaks and traditional Canadian canoes.

Warm, welcoming and very professional, guides at Scudamore’s are well-informed about the route they take and will impart great snippets of information about places like King’s College, the Bridge of Sighs and other landmarks. Tours run seven days a week from 9am onwards and you’ll be perfectly placed afterwards to sample some of the best restaurants near Cambridge.

Cambridge River Tours

Covering the beautiful environs of various Cambridge university colleges, Cambridge River Tours is a long established and trusted provider of punting tours.

Tours set off from Jesus Green, a ten-minute car journey from your room at The Tamburlaine, so you don’t have far to go. Travelling along the famous Cambridge Backs, you’ll experience a targeted tour of the most famous colleges that make up Cambridge University. During the journey, you’ll see and hear the history of Kings College, Trinity, St John’s and Queens College, which have educated the brightest and best for hundreds of years.

There’s also the option for a private punt – make sure you pre-book! – and have a punt all to yourself or up to seven people in total. You can also take a one-way journey, departing at Silver Street and sample some of the best restaurants near Cambridge.

Scholar’s Punting Co.

First set up in 2007, Scholar’s Punting Co. offers – as the name might suggest – detailed and in-depth punting tours of seven of Cambridge’s most famous colleges. With an eye on history and scholarly detail, the guides are extremely well-informed and very friendly.

Shared or private tours are available and depart from Thompson’s Lane – a 15-minute journey from your hotel near Cambridge Station. Private tours cover 2-12 people and last for a minimum of 45-minutes.

Group tours are also offered for up to 8 people and the more people, the higher the discount for the tour. Guides are also very mindful of their guest’s needs and will happily dispense with the historical and cultural commentary if you just want a quiet, relaxing ride on the Cam River. It’s a fun, unique way to see the city and probably the most historically informed water tour you can take in Cambridge.