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7 Places in Cambridge That Time Forgot

by granitewordpress
29 March 2017 · 2 min read
Sunset at King's College Cambridge

Cambridge is a simply stunning place to explore, thanks to the city retaining its charm and appeal of a different era, from the cobbled streets to the beautiful architecture evident at every turn. Visiting these historical places in Cambridge will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time and is part of the reason so many visitors return again and again, seeking new treasures and discovering beautiful sights time after time.

If you adore history, Cambridge is a wonderful place to visit and these seven places that time forgot should feature highly on your list of must views.

1. Trinity College

The breathtakingly beautiful Trinity College is an unmistakable symbol of Cambridge. Not only does it boast acclaimed alumni but its various buildings date back centuries to the reign of Henry VIII. With its sweeping archways and cloistered court, you’d be forgiven for thinking that has somehow been left untouched by the passage of time.

2. King’s College Chapel

Considered one of the finest examples of Gothic English architecture anywhere in the world, King’s College Chapel has stood proudly in Cambridge since the 1500s. The minute attention to detail and stunning stained glass windows within are sure to capture your attention. The Chapel is still home to the King’s College Choir, reflecting its continued importance to the city. A mesmerising building, it’s fair to say the Chapel has stood the test of time and remains just as grand a sight today as it was when it was first completed all those centuries ago.

3. The Old Chemist Shop

If you love to shop, you can do it in style in Cambridge. There’s a plethora of vintage boutiques, including the Old Chemist Shop. Filled with vintage clothing, antiques, and curiosities, some of which go all the way back to Victorian times, you’ll have fun just browsing the lined shelves and floor space in here.

4. Christ’s College

Much like Trinity College, Christ’s College is steeped in history. Granted a charter in 1505, the tower and gateway has held on to much original charm and continues to draw the eye of artists and photographers, even today. Inside, the hall and library are just as impressive as the exterior.

5. The Round Church

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre (to give it its official name) dates all the way back to 1130 and was inspired by the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, making it an unusual sight in the heart of Cambridge. While updates and restoration work have been carried out over the centuries, it still remains a medieval building in both style and feel, perfect for a glimpse back at a history long passed.

6. Harriet’s Tearoom

Taking inspiration from the roaring 20s, Harriet’s tearoom is the perfect place to stop for a quick drink as you explore everything the city has to offer. With period dressed waitresses, live music and décor from another era, you’ll feel like you’re been transported back in time as you sip tea and dine on delicious slices of cake.

7. Bridge of Sighs

Every trip to Cambridge should include a punt down the river to see the famous Bridge of Sighs. Dating back to 1831 and named after the one in Venice, it’s a Grade I listed building, a huge tourist attraction and is said to have been one of Queen Victoria’s favourite sights in the city.

With historical places in Cambridge at every turn, you’ll be immersed in the city’s rich heritage and sure to be planning a trip back in no time.