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5 reasons to have your birthday party at Tamburlaine Hotel

by granitewordpress
11 September 2017 · 3 min read
Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge

If you’re planning a blowout celebration for a milestone or otherwise special birthday, why not ensure it’s a day to remember by having it at an incredible boutique hotel in Cambridge, one of the most picturesque places in the UK? With incredible nightlife close by, great food and drink and beautiful rooms to pamper yourself, there’s really no need to go elsewhere.

1) The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge has a restaurant for every occasion

The bar and restaurant at The Tamburlaine hotel Cambridge has a mixture of menus that change with the seasons, so you know you’re getting expertise with every bite. Fancy celebrating with a meal and a cocktail? Come to our bustling brasserie.

On the other hand, if you want a quieter but no less luxurious birthday celebration, book the Garden Room with its own luxury terrace. Perhaps even indulge in a spot of afternoon tea!

Finally, the Library is the perfect place to relax. If all your guests have gone to bed, consider taking a nightcap in here before curling up on your incredibly comfy bed.

Tamburlaine Hotel Room

2) The rooms and suites are top-quality

Of all the hotels near Cambridge train station, the Tamburlaine is one of the most luxurious, with beautifully appointed guest rooms and a contemporary boutique style. Named after the scholarly tradition that Cambridge still espouses to this day, our rooms feature bespoke furniture and marble bathrooms along with Cambridge blue colours. Whether you go for our Fresher rooms—also known as a classic King—or even our Dean suites, located on the sixth and seventh floors, you’ll be treated to floor to ceiling windows and amazing views of the city and countryside.

night life

3) You’re near to some incredible nightlife…but not so near it’ll keep you awake

There are plenty of clubs on the other side of the Botanic Gardens to the Tamburlaine hotel Cambridge, but one of the best is nearby. Just a few streets away is the legendary Q Club. If you’d prefer to stick closer to the hotels near Cambridge train station, you can enjoy some tenpin bowling or some real ale and relaxed live music if that’s more your scene.

Greeneries in Cambridge To See Spring Flowers

4) You’ve got sightseeing to do

One of the best bits about celebrating your birthday with the Tamburlaine hotel Cambridge is that the next day there is so much to see and do. Whether you’re a fan of the architecture, the overall mood of the city centre, the specialist shops, or the sights of the scholars walking around town in their gowns, Cambridge can offer you plenty to see and do the day after you celebrate.

5) There are some great souvenir shops around

Which is fantastic news if one of your friends forgot to pack your present or was so disorganised that they forgot to get you one altogether! They can just pop into one of the many shops that sell Cambridge goodies for a little gift. And after that, you can pack up and head back home!