Cambridge Tourism

Explore the historic University of Cambridge

by granitewordpress
30 December 2016 · 2 min read

As a world-famous university city, Cambridge can offer Tamburlaine guests more than just a luxury stay. In fact, just down the road from the hotel is the Cambridge University Botanical Garden, associated with the University’s department of plants science. You’ll feel the University’s presence everywhere you go in Cambridge, which is why it’s sometimes described as ‘a city within a university’. For the visitor, it makes for a rich history and unique culture.


Cambridge is the fourth oldest surviving university in the world. Set up in 1209, the University has amassed centuries of history and has played host to a whole range of famous alumni. Anybody interested in exploring the history of the University can explore its many colleges and buildings, including Trinity College, Kings College and the New Museums Site. The grounds are open to the public and most can be accessed between 10am and 5pm. Some colleges may charge a small fee for entry.


As Cambridge is a university with many departments dedicated to research, it’s no surprise that eight museums have opened over the years. These include the Whipple Museum, which explores the history of science, and the Museum of Zoology, in part made up of Charles Darwin’s collection of findings from the Galapagos Islands. If you’re more an artist than a scientist then Kettle’s Yard, part of the consortium of University of Cambridge Museums, has a vast collection of avant-garde and modern art. The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology holds a large collection of items and dates back to 1884. The South Polar Research Institute and Museum was established in 1920 and comprises paintings, footage and artefacts from the heroic era of exploration. The Research Institute was set up as the official memorial to Robert Falcon Scott and his team who died on their return from the South Pole in 1912.

University Libraries

The various colleges of Cambridge also hold twenty-one libraries which cater to the needs of different areas of study and research. These include Architecture and Art, African, Asian and Middle Eastern studies as well as the Pendlebury Library of Music. Most libraries are open to members of the public for a fee.

Sports Centre

For those Tamburlaine guests looking to venture further than the hotel gym, the University has its own sports facility which caters for basketball, football and badminton as well as offering a gym for strength and conditioning.